Fogman and Brazier


Not a detective series or a firm of solicitors but one of my favourite Railway figures – fogman, hut and brazier.


I have bought several of these attractive PECO packs for my Railway civilians. lovely figure and great little fire effect using red and silver sweet wrapper type paper.

Reading through my stash of old railway magazine clippings in my scrapbook, I found this imaginative small tale or short story by B. Willcocks. Sadly   I cannot remember which magazine it came from c. 1970s/80s.


I often wonder about the conversations, thoughts and back stories of the figures glimpsed on railway layouts.

What is a fogman?

A “fogman” was a person in charge of fog signals on a railway track or system. Uup to the 1950s, the fogman would stand offside the rail tracks with a lantern to signal “go slow” to the train driver.

A railway detonator (torpedo in North America) is a coin-sized device that is used to make a loud sound as a warning signal to train drivers. It is placed on the top of the rail, usually secured with two lead straps, one on each side. When the wheel of the train passes over, it explodes emitting a loud bang. It was invented in 1841 by English inventor Edward Alfred Cowper.

A different type of explosives for trains than usually featured on Sidetracked.

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN on Sidetracked blog, December 2017.


Author: 26soldiersoftin

Hello I'm Mark Mr MIN, Man of TIN. Based in S.W. Britain, I'm a lifelong collector of "tiny men" and old toy soldiers, whether tin, lead or childhood vintage 1960s and 1970s plastic figures. I randomly collect all scales and periods and "imagi-nations" as well as lead civilians, farm and zoo animals. I enjoy the paint possibilities of cheap poundstore plastic figures as much as the patina of vintage metal figures. Befuddled by the maths of complex boardgames and wargames, I prefer the small scale skirmish simplicity of very early Donald Featherstone rules. To relax, I usually play solo games, often using hex boards. Gaming takes second place to making or convert my own gaming figures from polymer clay (Fimo), home-cast metal figures of many scales or plastic paint conversions. I also collect and game with vintage Peter Laing 15mm metal figures, wishing like many others that I had bought more in the 1980s ...

3 thoughts on “Fogman and Brazier”

    1. MJT
      You are right! He does have that look about him. I wondered where that officer (who I thought had a look of the Kaiser about him) went after WW1 and now we know. Infiltrating the British Railways as part of an espionage network, messing around with detonators and all. Who knows what happened in 1940 …

      I have just added back the imaginative back story from a railway magazine for a totally different fogman called Old Bert. It got left off somehow.
      Mark, Man of TIN


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