Railway Civilians 54mm size

Fashions from different decades 1950s onwards 

1950s Civilians came up in email chat with Alan Tradgardland Gruber for his 50s Very British Civil War scenario using Herald figures.

Civilian figures in 1:32 or 54mm scale are usually a bit scarce but I remembered a trial pack of such figures that I ordered years ago. Still available online, these seem to show some odd sculpting and range of fashions or decades.

Somewhere / sometimes there is a weird spindly wraithlike child in this set. Sometimes not.

One lady appears to have forgotten her skirt, unless slacks are becoming fashionable.
Stylish 40s and 50s ladies …
Pure 40s and 50s ‘Brat Pack’ – hello Frank …


Size comparison with 54mm Prince August and original Hollowcast figures –

The Diana like figure could be a passable ‘dead spit’ of Jane the 1940s wartime comic ‘strip’ hero by Norman Pett. Is there a secret camera in that handbag?


Now just where do I get a 54mm / 1:32 dachshund?

O Gauge 40 – 42mm figures

I wasn’t sure how these measure up as O Guage figures (at about 40mm) with my other figures (40-42mm) but spotted these interesting mixed characters amongst the myriad scales and variations of painted and unpainted railway and architect figures …

… and so I bought their last two packs (for now) https://www.modelscenerysupplies.co.uk

They are great fun and I shall put them aside for future projects.

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN 29 April / 17 May 2020 in Lockdown but finally posted on 5 December 2021